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AG Prototypes: Customer Testimonials

"...he needed someone with a good eye & appreciation for detail - one of your strong points.When I get more work you can be assured I'll think of you first for prototyping, I know you do an excellent job!"

"We`ve just received the model - thanks very much. Were impressed with quality and pleased with the finish."

"We sometimes do need help with projects for tight dead lines and I would not hesitate in using you, if there was anybody I would trust with any overspill work it would certainly be you. We recently put out some RP and it was unusable, it was a nightmare and I said I would never use an external again. However I know that you understand the levels of quality we require and I also know that you can deliver."

"I was very relieved and pleased at the quality of the models made for this. I understand the same was true of the 30 off project. Many thanks."

"Received the box of bits this morning, many thanks for your efforts! They look excellent. We will evaluate them over the coming weeks. Everyone so far is impressed with the quality and I think this process will be very useful to us, especially in 'one off' pre production experiments where tooling costs are prohibitive.
Once again, thanks for a swift turnaround. "

"received the parts today, brilliant job! Many thanks. Definately think I'll have more work for you! I'll be in touch soon. "