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SLA Prototypes (Stereolithography)

When the 3D computer model is transfered into a STL file, the prototype can then be built using Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA).

This process uses laser technology to actively cure a photo-sensitive polymer resin in fine layers to form the desired shape.

The model requires some post processing, which involves chemical cleaning and rinsing, support structure removal and final UV curing. Hand finishing is usually a final requirement for appearance and functional purposes.

Parts can be built relatively quickly with good accuracy and surface quality

We currently offer two SLA resins, Watershed ™ and 9120.

Watershed ™ is a durable, strong, semi-transparent, water resistant resin, with a light green tinge, similar in colour to plate glass. This material offers many properties that mimic traditional engineering plastics including ABS and PBT.

9120 is a robust, accurate, functional epoxy resin for SLA. It has superior chemical resistance, a wide processing latitude and excellent tolerance to a broad temperature and humidity range during and after build.

Parts built in this resin exhibit superior fatigue properties, strong memory retention and high quality up-facing and down-facing surfaces. It offers a good balance of properties between rigidity and functionality.

These materials are ideal for silicone rubber tooling, automotive components, electronic housings, medical products, etc. and large panels and snap-fit parts.