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Toys & Games

Skin Sparklers

  • Visual Prototype for a new children's toy - soon to be advertised on television.
  • AG Prototypes created two working prototypes from a client's original model.
  • Prototype has 11 moving parts
  • 7 multi-cavity silicone rubber moulds made.
  • Each part was vacuum cast in a rigid PU resin to simulate ABS and pigmented to match Pantone colour references.

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Board Game

Our client supplied the original models, from which we made a number of multi cavity mould tools. Vacuum castings of all the components were produced in a variety of colours, to make up 3 x complete sets of the board game. These prototype games were exhibited at the Toy Fair 2004 at London Docklands Excel Centre.

Adult Toy

We were approached by a company designing an innovative new vibrator. From their initial sketches, we produced the 3D CAD files, to create SLA models of all the internal and external components. On completion of the silicone mould tooling, vacuum castings were produced in a 40A Shore PU for the external component and ABS mimic PU for the internal components. The vibrator contains a gel-like liquid which warms up and solidifies by simply clicking a disc encapsulated inside the product.