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Petrol Pump

Our customer supplied sketches for a re-design of their existing Point of Sale petrol pump sleeve. We produced a prototype using traditional modelmaking techniques and vacuum castings for 5 sleeves and clear windows. The models were used for consumer trials on garage forecourts.

Point of Purchase

One of our clients required a prototype creating for a point of purchase display. AG Prototypes created a prototype model and have subsequently carried out a short batch production run of the design.
  • AG Prototypes converted our client's initial 2D drawings into a 3D stl file in order to create the stereolithographic model.
  • 2 days later we visited our client with the prototype. It was checked for form, fit and function and dimensional accuracy.
  • Once the prototype was approved a pre-production batch run was commissioned. We then made 2 multi-cavity silicone rubber moulds, to benefit the client in reducing lead-time and prototype unit cost.
  • 400 clear PU resin vacuum castings were produced in a UV stable Polycarbonate simulate. This was achieved in under 6 days and 1 week ahead of our client's deadline, ready for in-store testing.
  • Further batches of 100 and 200 have since been ordered months afterwards and the same silicone moulds can still be used, avoiding re-tooling.