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Dropped Foot System

A Surgical Accessories company approached us to help re-develop one of their existing products. We produced the 3D CAD files, SLA models and Silicone mould tools to produce 100 sets of Vacuum Castings in ABS mimic PU to their specific colour sample. These 'Dropped Foot' and 'Hand Grasp Systems' were for medical trials and used by people who have had a stroke in order to correct the dropped foot condition and to correct the loss of control of wrist extension and hand grasp function that can arise.

Stress Incontinence

Our client wanted over 100 medical items of 3 different designs for temporary implants for people with stress incontinence problems.
AG Prototypes made acrylic and aluminium mould tools to inject FDA approved medical silicone into. These helped our client with tests whilst the final products were being manufactured.


  • 6 SLA Parts created using the client's 3D files.
  • All parts checked for fit and function.
  • All 6 parts hand finished and painted to specific surface finishes.
  • 3 multi-cavity silicone rubber moulds made.
  • 12 Vacuum Castings produced to specific colours and tints for 'field testing'.