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Consumer Products


We were asked by an electrical product design company to supply 50 working prototypes for pre-production evaluation. From their 2D information, we created the 3D files, SLA model and multi cavity silicone mould tools. An ABS mimic PU was used to produce Vacuum Castings to a specific Pantone reference.


Water Clear and UV stable PU resin was used to make 6 'water-tight' prototype bottles for a well known soap manufacturer. The client was able to fill the bottles with their product for advertising campaigns.

Dr Who

AG Prototypes produced SLA prototypes of the Cyberman face mask, from the recent Dr. Who BBC TV series. The model was used to aid the injection mould tooling for the child's voice simulator Cyberman masks.

Door Handles

AG Prototypes worked with the Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College to create presentation models of door handle designs by students on the Product Design Sustainable Futures programme. This project was part of a competition for which winning designs would be turned into prototype models. The models were created using sketches by students as a guide.

T150 Solo

The client supplied 7 SLA components. AG Prototypes hand finished the components, checked dimensional accuracy and made sure the prototype could be assembled. All components were then finished to the client's specified colours and surface finishes.