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Ice Scraper

The client supplied fully finished concept models of two different designs.
AG Prototypes created a double cavity silicone mould. Both designs were each produced twice using vacuum casting to match a specific yellow Pantone colour reference and a blue tinted swatch sample, in an ABS simulate PU resin


Client supplied a damaged original lens.
  • Repaired and painted to a high gloss finish.
  • Silicone rubber mould tool made.
  • 2 Vacuum Castings produced in a clear UV stable PU resin with drops of red ink to accurately replicate the original lens.

Driving Sensor

This product was developed by a company involved with automotive safety. The device incorporates sensors to detect the drivers reaction times to various traffic situations.
We were asked to produced SLA models, make silicone mould tools for all the outer casings and supply 5 x sets of components in a tough rigid PU. Our client is currently developing a new driving sensor device, which we have also produced the working prototypes.