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AG Prototypes have over 20 years experience in Product Design Modelmaking and Rapid Prototyping.

Prototype and Modelmaking Services Available:

2D to 3D CAD Conversion, SLA Prototypes and 3D Printing, Silicone Rubber Tooling, Vacuum Casting, Reverse Engineering, Traditional Product Design Modelmaking (Functional, Presentation and Concept Models)

Rapid Prototyping and Modelmaking Client Sectors:

Product & Industrial Design, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Point of Purchase, Point of Sale, Film Industry, Invention and Innovation Development.

Job Functions We Can Provide:

Project Management, Product Design and Development, CAD/CAM Operations, Prototyping, Tooling, Pre-Production Mouldings.

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Envisiontec Perfactory 3D Printer

We have recently added an Envisiontec Perfactory 3D Printer to our prototyping services. This system provides the highest quality surface finish which makes it the best option for small intricate details. It is particularly ideal for Jewellery, Dental, Medical, Hearing Aids, Figurines and Miniatures aswell as Mechanical and Electronic applications ... read more

3D Printing available using our Objet 3D Printer

AG Prototypes utilise Objet’s Polyjet Photopolymer Technology to offer our customer’s precise, highly accurate 3D Printed models with incredible fine detail, amazingly smooth surfaces and complex geometries with small moving elements. Using FullCure 835 VeroWhitePlus - an opaque white, abs-like, photopolymer material ... read more